Fleeting Magic on the
Río Samaná
The Mission
Create a multi-week adventure travel experience, showing off the environment and activities central Colombia has to offer, while also recruiting a team of like-minded travelers.
the location
Rio Samaná, Colombia
the timeline
May '16
The Unexpected Adventure
Our rafting trip spun into a conservation expedition. Our local rafting team, Expedition Colombia, saw an opportunity to combine our mutual passion for the natural environment with our one-time itinerary. A local filmmaking crew joined our trip in order to document the current threat of dam construction, which will forever flood this extremely bio-diverse valley and displace many people from their home.

There's a complex irony in rivers like the Samaná. They are bone-crushingly powerful and exceptionally fragile. With expectations or resilience, we pollute and trash rivers without a second thought. Unappreciative of their raw impact, we dam them for hydroelectric power and the recreational benefits that idyllic reservoirs present.
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