Our Process
How it Works
We find people who are attacking global issues and working to foster healthy communities and ecosystems. Working with them, we identify specific ways travel can benefit their cause and connect them with local guides, a team of travelers, and passionate advocates who can further their mission.
Elements of a Project
Each project is centered around connection and collaboration
1. Mission
A social, economic, or environmental issue to be explored and better understood through travel. Highlighting critical global issues and the changemakers addressing them.
2. Local Support
A local guide or organization who can make it all happen. These fixers handle ground logistics and accommodation, while providing important cultural and historical context.
3. Engagement
A tangible way for participants to get involved. Initiatives that benefit local economies while raising awareness for those confronting important issues head-on.
4. Team
The people who make a project possible by sharing positive energy, skills, and perspective. These advocates make the project a reality by experiencing the people and places firsthand and spreading the word.